The project by Lilya Chuprina and Andrey Mikhailov
Author: -. Date: 12 July 2014, 11:21

3 photoGriotte marble fireplace for the "Doville" project

The object is in a cottage settlement "Doville". The designers Lilya Chuprina and Andrey Mikhailov created perfect interior using modern furniture and antique items. Initially their clients bought one our excellent fireplace at the exhibition. It was made out of rare Griotte marble with original accessories of XIXth C.

3 photoSpiral columns fireplace, "Doville" project

Later, while projecting the inner space of the sauna, we had a problem or it is better to say a task that we coped with quickely enough: we had to find a large fireplace mantel. The customers bought it by the picture and it was embellished with twisted columns and had a massive curved top.The moment it finally came to the gallery and we saw it "alive" we felt a bit sad to give it away. It was an excellent one..It often happens that the pictures do not show all the beautty of the object.