Great vintage love to vintage jewellery

Author: Anna Malva. Date: 22 July 2014, 5:05

Great vintage love to vintage jewellery

Nowadays we are ruled by fashion and masters of style but there are no rules in vintage jewellery. It is a kind of fun. Jewellery is a kitsch and you ridicule the style putting on you an enormous golden Chanel chain with an outstanding colored pendant.  Or bright massive earrings with a little black dress. And it is not obligatory only to go out. I keep some clips pairs in my car and change them during the day.


Once we got the point in fashion, brands and labels. And when without coming in into the well-known jewellery stores of the famous fashion houses you know new tendencies in brilliants faceting and what kind of whatches we can combine with Cartier bracelets I prefer to be unique and irresistable firstly for myself.


All my conscious life I have been working in antique business and I dare to say that antique jewellery made of me a fastidious person. I am really difficult to astonish. But in vintage jewellery there is an exciting quantity of styles and experiments and provocations!


Many companies firstly were established as jewellery stores but once made up their minds not to waste money on the precious stones and metals and work with jewellery they got a great result and preferred staying in this niche. Many of them vice versa did not meet competition and came from fine jewellery to false one. Fashion houses sustained their haute couture looks with a jewellery that now is hard to find. Well, I became a real vintage jewellery hunter. I choose only best brands for sale. I am not guided by a commercial advantage. I appreciate real quality, originality, authenticity and I select the best of what each company had ever created.