Romance in interior

Author: -. Date: 23 July 2014, 11:24

Romance in interior

I simply wanted to tell you somthing about the fairytale vintage birdcages appeared recently in our gallery. But then I made up my mind to show you the interior examples with birdcages and I could not help slow down!


Well, this will be a kind of selection more for those who values freedom in interiorm romance, neoclassical items combination and lightness and love of course.

Where else could you imagine these old art objects?

Undoubtedly it can be provence style or shabby chic where often designers use lace things in Rococo style.

9 photoProvence style and Shabby Chic and interior

But suddenly they turn out to be a peaceful contrust in brutal loft:

5 photo

Or in in a bright freedom-loving boho:

5 photoBoho style and interior

After all the choice is always yours. But we always say that is it not of necessity to observe all the interior pieces in one style  and not to be afraid of showing emotions and individuality. Because  the home of every person is demonstration of their own world and here there are no strict rules.