Antique Barcelona

Relax and Work!
Author: Daniel Sklauni. Date: 15 August 2014, 11:46
Antique Barcelona

        Recently, I already stopped counting times, I have been to my favourite city of Barcelona. To tell the truth I went there just to turn off my mind and just relax, to meet my friends, wander and wonder and loaf and goggle. After all it is a capital of modernist style: the architecture, museums and A. Gaudi and Dali etc. But all my plans ruined and I did not even manage to have a nice time as normal tourists do.

          Like others I had a plan to walk around the city and I pointed the main sights to visit. I lived there in the equal remoteness from the remarkable sights almost in the center in the Carrer del Corsega street in a very cosy and nice four-room flat with incredibly beautiful tiled floors. It felt so nice to feel their slight coolness meanwhile in the streets it was so hot: July heat.

          The first day in the evening I came to the Sagrada Familia (it took 10-15 minutes from my place to get there). It turned out that this time there were no queues and you do not need to have tickets because there was Sunday evening service and I felt asleep listening to the monotonous priest speech. Apparently I got tired or maybe the slepless night before the flight proclaimed itself..After all I woke up and made my way home.

          The next day I went on the sight -seeing and to see some well-known places. I need admit that Barcelona is a city-museum: every step of yours will lead you to incredible houses, squares, yards and much more you can not take your eyes off and you will get a bit "buzzing" staring at this beauty. Well wandering and enjoying I suddenly came in and antique shop. Some minutes later I left it with a pair of excellent gilt mirrors (I carried them with me till my lunch time). And I understood these two things are not my limit. I came there to distract myself from work and I did not plan to. So there started this history. This day I discovered 3 or 4 antique shops and they were totally different with absolutely unsimilar goods. But everywhere I could buy something. But I made up my mind not to hurry. I needed some time to think it over.This day were found two excellent pair marble sculptures of lions, modern style mirrors, antique chandeliers, fantastic old fireplace of porcelain and many other things as I already said I made up my mind not be anxious about items (to buy is not a rocket science they say).

I spent all the week crossing the city from one monument to another and visiting different antique galleries, second hand shops - Everywhere I saw the scrypt "Antiques". By the end of my trip my wish list counted about 35 positions. I was more tired than I had been in Moscow. Little vacation parody. But I do everything for the art. Nevertheless I got the absurdity of this "relax" and then An idea crossed my mind: why not to go to the seashore even for a couple of days..Having pointed on the map all the antique places I wanted to pay my purchases. But here started the most interesting: half of the goods had already been sold by the moment. Especially I was sad because of the lions.. And I did not even managed to take a picture of them so naive I was...But my grief was brief and I agreed upon the delivery of what there remained. I left the flat and came to the seashore, to the "Platija d'Aro" place and had a nice time there bathing and diving in the light blue crystal water watching under-the-sea daily life. I drank sly icy Sangria and ate different Spanish gastronomy.

I would like to say that Barcelona like other European cities makes one inclined to voyages. If you are already have this "antique desease" and wish to find different interior small items you will run like a hunter searching for the "dens of iniquity" every time rejoicing every your discovery. You will come home after your "working day" carrying with you bought antiques if of course you can hold it, then spread them out and admire. But we can not buy all the try to relax well and truly that you could see everything: sea and restaurants, remarkable sights and be sure to have enough time for it.