Multimedia exhibition " Dali and living pictures"

Till January, 15th in Moscow
Author: Bersoantik. Date: 29 November 2014, 11:08

Multimedia exhibition " Dali and living pictures"

Unique exhibition of the great surrealist Salvador Dali where his paintings are shown in the unusual prospective and this exhibition will last till January, 15th!


"Dali and living pictures" exposition presents work of arts of the great epatage master with a new unexpected foreshortening. The most outstanding paintings will be shown in the full HD with background music. The audience is given a great opportunity to jump into fabulous worlds of such a genious encourager, to go further the borders of his fresh and unforgettable manner.


In the context of the exhibition there give history lectures of different trends in modern art, artistic master classes and cinema.


Salvador Dali is one of the most bright representatives of the avant-guard culture of XXth C.