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Jaffa flea market
Author: Bersoantik. Date: 22 January 2015, 5:12

The flea-market Shuk Hapishpishim is one of central higlights in Jaffa. The market works only a couple of times in a week though from the early morning till late evening. It is not just a huge area with a great deal of antiques but a whole museum and history book as well. Such a lot of things you can find here! Old gramophones with disks and coins of Nicholas II looking so real, medals, books and jewelry and ware and furniture and weapons, instruments etc. This list can be supplied more and more.  You can't help taking the eyes off all these treasures.

On the encounter you will see for instance some paddles and a waterpipe that was probably smoked by the Sultans.


Even the naughtiest antiquarian can be satisfied with the abundance of the antiques in the market.

Here you will find a high quality antiques that can cost a fortune sometimes thousands dollars but as well you can run across the things one can buy at really low price. The main thing is to be patient and enjoy the process of research.


Старинные часы и мебель

Search carefully because in an unremarkable pile of different junk you can find an exclusive or rare piece.

Женщины должны узнать это нехитрое приспособление, которое раньше стояло практически во всех парикмахерских.

One more remark: do not search for a specific item.

And it is better to wear here simple clothes because the sellers feel if you have money and they can raise the price. As well take with you a bit of money otherwise you can waste it on some trivial items or just lose it. 

Стеклянные флаконы для всего

One more note: the sellers do not like taking photos. Ask for a permission before make a picture and the best is to buy something before. Bargain at the market. If the item costs 100 shekels ask for 40. But at the same time do not cross the line because among the dealers you will see many of the advanced age ones who give in their goods almost for free and to make terms with them seems embarrassing.


After all in the market one will always find what to look at and purchase something. Here it is really interesting and from morning till night spending hours one can walk around choosing different goods.

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