"True story" or " If you want to earn ask me how"

Antiques like a sourse of extra income
Author: Daniel Sklauni. Date: 29 January 2015, 11:03
"True story" or " If you want to earn ask me how"

Antiques, art objects and pieces of furniture were made not just to refresh the eye and embellish your interior but they can help you to increase your income! That is true. "How is it possible?" - one can ask me. The others will say "that is a myth". And really how will it work out?..

A great deal of antiques owners and simply connoisseurs met the problem that they banally can not resell their objects neither at the higher price nor even getting back the "invested money". Here goes the question "Why?" The answer is they had been sold their objects at the overestimated price or they were not liquid market goods even fin-looking ones. I am not going to beat around the bush anymore.

There is a specific sense in what I would like to share with you. The situation: you are at the stock market and you can become a shareholder and start buying-investing dealings but if you do not grasp the sense your result is "zero". I can say it is unpredictable like gaming house effects: you are winner or you are looser. But you can avoid this final: you come to the professionals and that reduces the risk. Well, after that bargain you are the owner of some bites of papers and you are satisfied and assured in your prosperity. But do not you think we a bit look aside?..

This is the wake-up call for you! We are on the antiques website and here we sell real antiques. And trust me that investing in this market is the same as in securities. Firstly of course you need to consult a specilaist. in our case it is a professional antiques seller (antique dealer). Starting from your budget they will find the most optimal case (wide range of items to choose). After we concluded the bargain you get not the papers (of course they will be as contracts) but a real and palpable object. Now you are the proprietor. And here starts the most exciting in this antique story..

Now you are welcome to become a full-fledged player of the antique market so to speak to be an antiques trainee and the consultant will be your guide in the antique world. You can take home your antique piece of art and use it in accordance with its direct purpose. Or to exhibit it in some art gallery. Both of the examples show that your antique item is on sale: by means of the website or live exhibition. The advantages are not over. We garantee that selling this antique piece you will get 20 % annual rate! I guess it sounds pleasant.

In the next publications I will show the examles of how works this "Antique game". Follow us and stay with us.

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