"Copie Conforme"

The cinema is a kind of watching on the transformation of the original human experience into a fictitious one and vice versa
Author: Bersoantik. Date: 12 March 2015, 2:20

"Copie Conforme"

The "Certified copy" is a book of an English culture expert James Miller, the character of the film.

Having proved in his writing the thesis of the superiority of a copy over the original  he came to Tuscany for a presentation of an Italian version of the book where it was once made up. At the presentation he suddenly met a woman who firstly asked for an autograph and then suggested him giving a ride to the near-by old town. He agreed. This trip makes the sense of the film. The dispute occured fristly from differences between copies and originals and soon it transforms from the art expertise view into universal: the original of the Joconde was Mona Lisa that means the picture of Leonardo is a copy too.

Then this man and this woman incidentally accept for themselves and for the others the roles of wife and husband who got married 15 years ago in these places, the roles they had been given by chance at the cafe. The play transforms their reality, becomes the reality and the border between the original and copy fades totally. The couple argues then makes peace and again sorts out the relationship. As more they look at each other and talk as more real  becomes their situation. Their love can survive only as a copy. Only copy exists as reality.