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"In stock" vs "info request list". What is the difference?

Ones buy items by the picture, the others prefer chosing from the stock.
Author: Daniel Sklauni. Date: 05 October 2015, 8

"In stock" vs "info request list". What is the difference?

In this article I touched one subtle matter I think but it does not seem to be so at first glance...The lots that are "in stock"  and "inquire" have pros and cons of course. It is high probably that one would prefer come to see us, to touch and to "feel the fragrance of the living history"  and only after that make a purchase. That is absolutly adequate and normal so I will not argue..I used to be the same kind of customer. But I often could not find what I had been searching for even among the lots on stock. We can only imagine how many interior objects have been created for the recent 100 or 200 hundred years. Exactly the lots of this period are now in antique market. This enourmous quantity of unsimilar art objects are hard to keep in one small gallery )))). Here come skillful specialists in antiques ready to give a hand in searching for a special antique lot or embellishing the whole interior including antique furniture, chandeliers etc. Jus because if we need some help we consult those ones who know their job; we do not have our hair cut by ourselves and we do not project our houses and we do consult the lawers.

The same is with antique dealers who are like real fishes in the ocean who perfectly know where the things go in antique world. Now it is normal to buy furniture  from the UK, the USA and Italy by the catalog. Antique furniture is the same furniture. 

The main question is in the person who works with you. Chosing a specilaist we usually pay attention to the succesful and long-lasting activity in a specific field (for instance antiques field: antique furniture, old chandeliers and antique fireplaces selling etc.) The clients' response if they are and having of their own gallery or warehouse or shop and the level of the suggested goods are the main points to pay attention too.

A great deal of dishonest sellers firstly await your payment to their bank accounts (bank transer in the name of a private person). Please, think it over before you do this. So many tricks and cheats we see in our daily life that it scares. More often the customers are lead by the lowest price and I saw the websites where the announced price was lower than at European dealers.

Last but not least is the contract that the Sellers and the Buyers conclude. There shall be indicated the terms of delivery and penalty fee in case of the delivery failure, the rates of storage of the goods and many other standard pitfalls. That is all shall be indicated in the contract.

A professional antique dealer shall garantee the authenticity of the items sold and find out from the partners the state condition in advance and notify the customer if something is not in order in advance as well. In case of restoration necessity, the sellers shall take the responsibility and do their best.


We are ready to render the services listed above at the high level and we keep our word. Our advantage is that we know where to find. You are only going to make a request what kind of antiques you would like to have meanwhile we have already made our antiques hunters job and moreover we already known the approximate value of the lot. We are always ready to do the best offer for you.

If the terms are over or it is so urgent to find necessary antiques we offer you our stock of excellent and selected especially for you lots. But if you have some time to wait I think the best way is to look through all the variants and get what you really wish. 

Well, the choice is yours.