Decorator's service
Decorator's service

Галерея Bersoantik обладает большой базой декораторов. Совершенно безвозмездно, даром, готовы поделиться ею с Вами. Вы решили оформить свой интерьер и не знаете к кому обратиться? Мы к вашим услугам.!

Галерея «БерсоАнтик» принимает на комиссию и покупает предметы антиквариата!

Stone fire mantel.

Найдено: 16
Regency MantelRegency Mantel

Ref nr. 33_1063

984 000 499 000
Antique fireplaceAntique fireplace

Ref nr. 52_5112

539 625
Antique chimney portalAntique chimney portal

Ref nr. 52_4044

1 909 000
Antique fireplaceAntique fireplace

Ref nr. 33_1527

1 161 000
Antique fireplaceAntique fireplace

Ref nr. 52_2253

206 400
Antique fireplaceAntique fireplace

Ref nr. 52_975

756 800
Antique fireplaceAntique fireplace

Ref nr. 10_0439

738 400
Каминный порталКаминный портал

Ref nr. 10_0433

698 360
Каминный портал из камняКаминный портал из камня

Ref nr. 10_0437

493 600

Ref nr. 10_0438

507 400
French fireplaceFrench fireplace

Ref nr. 10_0434

784 800
Refined old fireplaceRefined old fireplace

Ref nr. 10_0436

587 450
Antique fireplaceAntique fireplace

Ref nr. 50_127

588 800
Антикварный каминАнтикварный камин

Ref nr. 68_018

2 498 300
Lod fireplaceLod fireplace

Ref nr. 68_021

880 000
Exclusive antique sandstone castle fireplaceExclusive antique sandstone castle fireplace

Ref nr. 68_023

1 578 850

Here you will find antique firemantels in marble and limestone and marble firemantels of XIX-XXth Century. In this list of the catalog you will find marble fireplaces in different styles: Rococo, Renaissance, Art-Deco, Regency, Louis XV - choose for your interior!
All the fireplaces that we sell are unique and made at the epoch when every object manufactured by artists became a real master piece. Plentifulness of marble textures, their unique origin and saturation are an integral part of every firemantel. All antique firemantels are verified with the time. In our staff we have specialists that can calculate the chimney, heating dimensions and correctly install necessary fireplace at the location.