Decorator's service
Decorator's service

Галерея Bersoantik обладает большой базой декораторов. Совершенно безвозмездно, даром, готовы поделиться ею с Вами. Вы решили оформить свой интерьер и не знаете к кому обратиться? Мы к вашим услугам.!

Галерея «БерсоАнтик» принимает на комиссию и покупает предметы антиквариата!


Найдено: 921
Antique sculpture "Dzurodzin"Antique sculpture "Dzurodzin"

Ref nr. 01_0820

176 000
A football player sculptureA football player sculpture

Ref nr. 01_2799

525 000
Antique painting of a nude on the blue fabricAntique painting of a nude on the blue fabric

Ref nr. 52_5715

299 280
Antique sculpture of roosters' fightAntique sculpture of roosters' fight

Ref nr. 57_7281

219 300
Antique painting "Still Life"Antique painting "Still Life"

Ref nr. 52_3260

161 680
Antique painting "Nude"Antique painting "Nude"

Ref nr. 52_5773

679 400
Antique Daruma sculptureAntique Daruma sculpture

Ref nr. 01_2780

160 000
Antique carpetAntique carpet

Ref nr. 14_8395

195 650
Antique painting "Still life with the Catalan flag"Antique painting "Still life with the Catalan flag"

Ref nr. 52_5775

193 500
Vintage sculpture by RosenthalVintage sculpture by Rosenthal

Ref nr. 01_2652

173 800
Antique painting "Girl in Blue"Antique painting "Girl in Blue"

Ref nr. 52_5052

154 800
Antique sculpture "Pierrot"Antique sculpture "Pierrot"

Ref nr. 01_2792

4 450 000
The painting "Girl with a Bouquet"The painting "Girl with a Bouquet"

Ref nr. 01_4869

239 800 199 000
Vintage set of glasses for champagneVintage set of glasses for champagne

Ref nr. 01_6071

110 600
Antique sculptureAntique sculpture

Ref nr. 01_0810

994 600
Hockey player sculptureHockey player sculpture

Ref nr. 01_2798

525 000
Vintage vaseVintage vase

Ref nr. 01_2710

39 000
Pair antique XVIIIth columnsPair antique XVIIIth columns

Ref nr. 52_5772

997 600
sculpture of a prize fightersculpture of a prize fighter

Ref nr. 01_2796

525 000
Vintage sculpture "Anchor"Vintage sculpture "Anchor"

Ref nr. 01_2711

21 000
Antique sculpture prize fightersAntique sculpture prize fighters

Ref nr. 01_2797

590 000
Vintage vaseVintage vase

Ref nr. 01_2712

69 000
Antique sculpture "Hunter"Antique sculpture "Hunter"

Ref nr. 01_0818

96 000
Antique set BaccaratAntique set Baccarat

Ref nr. 52_5157

210 700

What is the main thing that differs antique pieces from modern ones? The answer is simple. Their unique origin, style, elegance, grace, material that it is hard to find nowadays. But their main value is in their history that they bring into your house.

In this part of the catalog you can findt he most incredible and unexpected objects for your interior!)) Amazing vases, old hall trees, antique safes, stained glass, sculptures, vintage billboards and even retro bicycle!