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Decorator's service

Галерея Bersoantik обладает большой базой декораторов. Совершенно безвозмездно, даром, готовы поделиться ею с Вами. Вы решили оформить свой интерьер и не знаете к кому обратиться? Мы к вашим услугам.!

Галерея «БерсоАнтик» принимает на комиссию и покупает предметы антиквариата!

Antique clock / clock sets.

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Найдено: 87
Antique mosaic panelAntique mosaic panel

Ref nr. 52_6338

414 000
Antique fireplace portal with a clockAntique fireplace portal with a clock

Ref nr. 52_5386

3 150 000
Antique clockAntique clock

Ref nr. 01_4684

269 400
Antique Louis XV wall clockAntique Louis XV wall clock

Ref nr. 52_6372

254 700
Antique Louis XVI style barometerAntique Louis XVI style barometer

Ref nr. 52_6380

249 300
Antique mantel clockAntique mantel clock

Ref nr. 01_0960

1 400 000
Antique clockAntique clock

Ref nr. 52_5287

229 230
Antique mantel clocksAntique mantel clocks

Ref nr. 52_8114

244 800
Antique Clock "Old Paris"Antique Clock "Old Paris"

Ref nr. 01_4043

178 920
Antique sundialsAntique sundials

Ref nr. 52_8696

530 100
Antique wall clocksAntique wall clocks

Ref nr. 14_8698

256 050
Antique wall clockAntique wall clock

Ref nr. 46_6346

219 960
Antique wall clockAntique wall clock

Ref nr. 55_1952

184 860
Antique Vienna wall clockAntique Vienna wall clock

Ref nr. 60_8035

309 600
Antique wall clockAntique wall clock

Ref nr. 13_1371

209 970
Astronomical grandfather clockAstronomical grandfather clock

Ref nr. 52_1812

653 940
Antique comtoise clockAntique comtoise clock

Ref nr. 52_5129

198 000
Antique sundialAntique sundial

Ref nr. 33_1008

418 860
Antique Louis XV style clockAntique Louis XV style clock

Ref nr. 52_5342

378 400
Antique pendulum floor Louis XVI clockAntique pendulum floor Louis XVI clock

Ref nr. 52_5483

558 000
Antique Louis XV floor clockAntique Louis XV floor clock

Ref nr. 52_5248

1 620 000
Rare floor clockRare floor clock

Ref nr. 52_1784

433 440
Antique clockAntique clock

Ref nr. 01_2685

114 000
The antique clock of Pallas AthenaThe antique clock of Pallas Athena

Ref nr. 52_4579

3 240 000

Old clocks, they have so much grace.!.And how many of them we meet: old mantel clocks, grand father clocks, wall clocks.. we can continue and continue this list. You can spend so much time just admiring your antique clock, stydying and examining and analizing. Many of the antique mantelclocks were created by famous architects and sculptors and artists. In our catalog we can not gather everything that antique market offers today. We cooperate with a great deal of Antique galleries of Russia, Europe, the USA and we keep ourselves informed about new arrivals among these antique time pieces. If you immagine your dream clock to put over your fire mantel, contact us and we will find and deliver them in the shortest terms.