Decorator's service
Decorator's service

Галерея Bersoantik обладает большой базой декораторов. Совершенно безвозмездно, даром, готовы поделиться ею с Вами. Вы решили оформить свой интерьер и не знаете к кому обратиться? Мы к вашим услугам.!

Галерея «БерсоАнтик» принимает на комиссию и покупает предметы антиквариата!

Antique Furniture.

Найдено: 1147
Vintage armchair and pouf ContempoVintage armchair and pouf Contempo

Ref nr. 01_2660

125 450
Antique Renaissance serverAntique Renaissance server

Ref nr. 17_0859

165 000
vintage sofa set Contempovintage sofa set Contempo

Ref nr. 01_2651

325 800
Antique renaissance office setAntique renaissance office set

Ref nr. 14_8864

1 117 500
Antique renaissance buffetAntique renaissance buffet

Ref nr. 17_8596

480 000
Antique pair Brittany standsAntique pair Brittany stands

Ref nr. 14_9049

127 500
Antique serving tableAntique serving table

Ref nr. 52_3361

Antique Venetian chest of drawersAntique Venetian chest of drawers

Ref nr. 52_5041

279 750
Antique coffee table Napoleon IIIAntique coffee table Napoleon III

Ref nr. 14_9023

270 000
Antique hunting style dining tableAntique hunting style dining table

Ref nr. 17_1581

348 750
Paired antique tablesPaired antique tables

Ref nr. 52_5340

273 750
Antique rococo style sofaAntique rococo style sofa

Ref nr. 14_7533

288 750
Antique onyx side tableAntique onyx side table

Ref nr. 17_1636

89 250
Pair antique bedside tablesPair antique bedside tables

Ref nr. 52_3832

375 000
Antique gothic cabinetAntique gothic cabinet

Ref nr. 14_4328

289 500
Antique renaissance style cabinetAntique renaissance style cabinet

Ref nr. 17_1583

292 500
Pair of antique console shelvesPair of antique console shelves

Ref nr. 52_3367

214 875
Antique console with mirrorAntique console with mirror

Ref nr. 52_3366

351 000
Antique shelving for newspapers and magazinesAntique shelving for newspapers and magazines

Ref nr. 14_1986

165 000
Антикварные стулья (6 шт.)Антикварные стулья (6 шт.)

Ref nr. 01_104302

227 500 195 800
Antique Renaissance buffetAntique Renaissance buffet

Ref nr. 01_4352

272 000 198 600
Vintage tableVintage table

Ref nr. 01_2659

137 800
antique Dolphin sofaantique Dolphin sofa

Ref nr. 21_600

237 800
Кабинетное креслоКабинетное кресло

Ref nr. 01_5172

286 000

Old furniture

Here in the catalog we gathered the most exceptional antiques for you. You can find here old dining room suites, bedroom suites, wardrobes, antique sofas and settees, independent items and living room furniture and simply elegant and rare antiques.
We offer you a great deal of old furniture of different epochs and styles: Empire, Renaissance, Art-Deco, Louis XVI, Rococo, Biedermeier, Henri II etc.

There is one detail to pay attention to. Near the lot you can find "wish list" or "in stock". Antique furniture "in stock" means that this lot is in our gallery in Moscow and you can touch, sit on it (if it is intended for sitting) and become their owner on the same day.

Clicking "wish list" means that you can conclude a contract with us and in a month you get the lot at your disposal.

In case the chosen antiques need restoration our specialists are always ready to give a professional hand.