Decorator's service
Decorator's service

Галерея Bersoantik обладает большой базой декораторов. Совершенно безвозмездно, даром, готовы поделиться ею с Вами. Вы решили оформить свой интерьер и не знаете к кому обратиться? Мы к вашим услугам.!

Галерея «БерсоАнтик» принимает на комиссию и покупает предметы антиквариата!


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Antique chandelierAntique chandelier

Ref nr. 52_6071

498 800
Antique chandelierAntique chandelier

Ref nr. 52_6066

636 400
Vintage chandelierVintage chandelier

Ref nr. 01_2635

155 000
Antique Murano glass chandelierAntique Murano glass chandelier

Ref nr. 52_6032

399 040
Antique murano glass wall lightsAntique murano glass wall lights

Ref nr. 52_6048

89 440
Antique pair Bienna bronze lampsAntique pair Bienna bronze lamps

Ref nr. 52_6046

933 100
Antique Art-Deco style chandelierAntique Art-Deco style chandelier

Ref nr. 52_6033

156 520
Antique art deco chandelierAntique art deco chandelier

Ref nr. 52_5864

474 290
Antique Asian style lanternAntique Asian style lantern

Ref nr. 52_5942

138 890
Antique 1950s chandelierAntique 1950s chandelier

Ref nr. 52_6086

288 960
Vintage chandelierVintage chandelier

Ref nr. 52_3156

278 640
Vintage chandelierVintage chandelier

Ref nr. 52_3158

197 800
Vintage chandelierVintage chandelier

Ref nr. 01_2713

249 000
Vintage chandelierVintage chandelier

Ref nr. 01_0832

87 000
Antique kerosene lampsAntique kerosene lamps

Ref nr. 52_8140

230 480
Vintage lampVintage lamp

Ref nr. 52_8131

245 960
Antique lampsAntique lamps

Ref nr. 52_8124

99 760
Antique tortoise shell lampAntique tortoise shell lamp

Ref nr. 52_6371

144 910
Pair antique decorative corn candleholdersPair antique decorative corn candleholders

Ref nr. 52_5859

98 040
antique art deco floor lampantique art deco floor lamp

Ref nr. 52_5868

497 080
Antique 1970s chandelierAntique 1970s chandelier

Ref nr. 52_5440

227 470
Antique Louis XVI chandelierAntique Louis XVI chandelier

Ref nr. 52_5441

179 740
Antique daffodils and peonies art-deco chandelierAntique daffodils and peonies art-deco chandelier

Ref nr. 52_5858

287 240
chandelier 12 lightschandelier 12 lights

Ref nr. 55_021

337 500 285 000

Lighting is essential for every interior. We offer a great choice of antique chandeliers of different epochs and styles: Art-Deco, Empire, Napoleon III, industrial, Rococo, Louis XVI. You can choose some old chandeliers and lamps of XVIII, XIXth century and vintage design lighting of 60-70s of XXth century too. Most of chandeliers we bring here upon request because it is impossible to capture the immense - so many incredible objects all over the world and our gallery is not able to accept everything. So you are welcome, let yourself be inspired by the antiques we have and please do not hesitate to request that we can bring.