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Наши предметы в интерьерах
Наши предметы в интерьерах

Прекрасно, когда клиенты галереи находят у нас то, что искали и делятся с нами своей радостью!

Галерея «БерсоАнтик» принимает на комиссию и покупает предметы антиквариата!


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Найдено: 715
Antique liqueur set
in art deco styleAntique liqueur set
in art deco style

Ref nr. 88_2483

157 500
Antique figurine
"Daikoku with Mallet"Antique figurine
"Daikoku with Mallet"

Ref nr. 02_1792

236 500
Vintage pair consoles,
Louis XVIVintage pair consoles,
Louis XVI

Ref nr. 02_1979

144 050
Vintage ashtray
"Flower"Vintage ashtray

Ref nr. 02_1978

37 625
Antique Chinese vaseAntique Chinese vase

Ref nr. 02_1977

376 250
Huge vintage teapotHuge vintage teapot

Ref nr. 02_1894

126 000
Vintage wall screenVintage wall screen

Ref nr. 88_3506

315 000
Antique bouillotte,
EnglandAntique bouillotte,

Ref nr. 02_1508

86 400
Paired sculptures fountains "Flamingos"Paired sculptures fountains "Flamingos"

Ref nr. 88_3460

Model of a samurai helmetModel of a samurai helmet

Ref nr. 02_1864

16 200
Vintage tray in oriental styleVintage tray in oriental style

Ref nr. 02_1863

36 700
Antique set
for 6 persons, LimogesAntique set
for 6 persons, Limoges

Ref nr. 02_1700

86 400
Antique smoking set,
"Zodiac", JapanAntique smoking set,
"Zodiac", Japan

Ref nr. 02_1814

Vintage jug,
Arita, Eguchi TendoVintage jug,
Arita, Eguchi Tendo

Ref nr. 02_1810

Antique paired Satsuma vases,
Kyoto workshopsAntique paired Satsuma vases,
Kyoto workshops

Ref nr. 02_5055

Vintage roomy valiseVintage roomy valise

Ref nr. 02_1885

258 000
Antique panel
"Tiger and Dragon", JapanAntique panel
"Tiger and Dragon", Japan

Ref nr. 02_1804

193 500
Antique Imari vaseAntique Imari vase

Ref nr. 02_1414

624 500
Antique sculpture "Pho the Dog"Antique sculpture "Pho the Dog"

Ref nr. 88_2489

183 500
Bouquets from an antique Zinger carBouquets from an antique Zinger car

Ref nr. 88_3264

82 200
Antique fragrance bowl,
Kutani, JapanAntique fragrance bowl,
Kutani, Japan

Ref nr. 02_1815

139 750
Paired sculptures "Cranes"Paired sculptures "Cranes"

Ref nr. 88_3463

247 500
Antique plate
with boar, Arita, ShuhoAntique plate
with boar, Arita, Shuho

Ref nr. 02_1806

64 500
Vintage plate,
AritaVintage plate,

Ref nr. 02_1807

64 500
Tin glasses, GermanyTin glasses, Germany

Ref nr. 02_1892

11 825
Tin glasses,
GermanyTin glasses,

Ref nr. 02_1891

16 125
Antique Japanese vaseAntique Japanese vase

Ref nr. 02_1449

279 500
Vintage vase, KutaniVintage vase, Kutani

Ref nr. 88_3248

118 200
Vintage vase, KutaniVintage vase, Kutani

Ref nr. 88_3249

108 700
Antique cigarette case "Vostok"Antique cigarette case "Vostok"

Ref nr. 88_1483

7 500
Vintage vaseVintage vase

Ref nr. 88_1102

Antique pair vases, cloisonneAntique pair vases, cloisonne

Ref nr. 88_5302

210 000 178 100
Antique hibachi vaseAntique hibachi vase

Ref nr. 02_1906

322 150
Antique vase,
bronze, JapanAntique vase,
bronze, Japan

Ref nr. 02_1907

139 750
Antique vase,
JapanAntique vase,

Ref nr. 02_1908

172 000
Antique sugar spoonAntique sugar spoon

Ref nr. 02_1527

25 800
An antique poached eggAn antique poached egg

Ref nr. 02_1513

86 000
Antique tray, EnglandAntique tray, England

Ref nr. 02_1901

64 500
Antique Wall ScrollAntique Wall Scroll

Ref nr. 88_1521

187 000
Vintage jug with grapesVintage jug with grapes

Ref nr. 88_1517

67 000
Antique vase with grapevineAntique vase with grapevine

Ref nr. 88_1518

59 000
Antique wine fountainAntique wine fountain

Ref nr. 02_1530

87 400
Antique bouillotte, EnglandAntique bouillotte, England

Ref nr. 02_1529

86 500
Decorative vase "Carps"Decorative vase "Carps"

Ref nr. 88_7814

34 000
Tea set “Cranes”Tea set “Cranes”

Ref nr. 88_1516

18 500
Antique bouillotte, EnglandAntique bouillotte, England

Ref nr. 02_1532

86 450
Vintage targetsVintage targets

Ref nr. 02_5392

2 250
Vintage panel “Beautiful Mutamagawa”Vintage panel “Beautiful Mutamagawa”

Ref nr. 02_1514

48 500
Vase in the shape of a shell with putti.Vase in the shape of a shell with putti.

Ref nr. 02_1524

220 000
Antique sculpture "Tang Horse"Antique sculpture "Tang Horse"

Ref nr. 02_1521

92 000
Antique tea setAntique tea set

Ref nr. 02_1492

55 000
Vintage coin boxVintage coin box

Ref nr. 02_1499

9 000
Vintage sculpture "Buddha with children"Vintage sculpture "Buddha with children"

Ref nr. 88_2702

Vintage coin boxVintage coin box

Ref nr. 02_1503

8 300

Wonder what to present as a gift to someone who already have the world at their feet?..And they are not interested in any kind of expensive gifts or business souvenirs? They say "it's not the gift but the thought that counts" and the best present, for sure, will be the one that you choose to please the person with something exciting and incredible.
In our salon you will find not just expensive gifts but specially selected incredible antiques from all over the world. Antique or vintage ones they are still unique in their origin. This is the guaranty that your gift will not turn out a kind of boring and trivial and banal one.
In our selected collection we have antique toys, musical instruments, clocks, humidors, premium class vintage jewellery, sculptures, unique interior objects, old gramophone, real spotlight and evenmore a legend American " SCHWINN"retro bicycle!!!
It is time to make a choice! You can ask us as well for searching something really special for you! :)