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Antique cash register "National"

Ref nr. 01_0389
Antique cash register "National"Antique cash register "National"Antique cash register "National"Antique cash register "National"


Antique cash register of the famous American brand "National" (Russified name of the National Cash Register company). Metal. America, early twentieth century Cash registers came about thanks to the idea of ​​one entrepreneur - James Ritty. The owner of the bar - he always suspected his employees of hiding income, for which he invented a metal box that securely fixes the money. Together with his brother, they were the first to patent the device they invented in the state of Ohio, on November 4, 1879. A distinctive sign of all nationalities is the ringing of a bell at the opening of the cash register. The cash register not only fixed income, but also helped to increase it specifically. The box office attracted a lot of spectators, and for many it became the first reason to go to Ritty's bar. Soon, Ritty set up the production of cash registers, but it was not easy to manage the two businesses at the same time, and he sold the patent to the businessman John Paterson, who established their release under the National Register Company brand. Patterson provided the checkout counter with a bell that seemed to tell customers that business was booming in a store or bar.

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