Antique painting "Grouse current"

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Antique painting "Grouse current"
Antique painting "Grouse current"
Antique painting "Grouse current"
Antique painting "Grouse current"
Antique painting "Grouse current"
Antique painting "Grouse current"
Antique painting "Grouse current"

Our compatriot Konstantin Sergeyevich Pervukhin lived and worked in Tver. He was born into a family of a priest, but left the Tver Theological Seminary and entered the medical faculty of Saratov University. As a doctor, Konstantin did a lot for the sanitary education of the city's residents and actively fought various epidemics during the war years. The talent of the artist allowed him to combine medical work with creativity, and some of his artistic works were produced as dedicated posters of a socio-medical orientation.

Konstantin Sergeevich, as a child, was fond of drawing. A meeting with Repin's student, Nikolai Borisov, and a visit to the Russian Museum determined the artistic outlook of the future painter. Konstantin Sergeevich painted many paintings, sketches and sketches dedicated to the theme of native nature. His work and activities had a significant impact on the Tver art school. Pervukhin's works took part in All-Union and Tver exhibitions and are currently stored in museums, art galleries and private collections. Konstantin Sergeevich is also the author of books and manuals for artists.

Painted by Pervukhin in 1938, the painting “Black Grouse Current” is a piece of nature captured on canvas from timelessness. The painting is executed in the tradition of Russian realistic painting, which is characterized by an organic composition and complex color structures with meaningful landscapes. The central element of the composition is the black grouse, which attract females with their fights and dances. A pair of birds in the central part draws attention with their energetic behavior and bright red eyebrows, which also determines the starting point of the viewer's study of the painting.

The open texture of the painting allows the author to freely express his vision of the plot and place accents. Thus, the use of wide and thin brushstrokes at the same time makes it possible to distinguish between vintage trees and lively birds. After studying the birds, the viewer's gaze glides along diagonally directed woodlands to the upper-left central part of the picture, where a pair of grouse lands against a background of a crimson-colored sky. Thanks to this bright, warm sky, the cold, dark soil of early spring is balanced. A remarkable handwriting of the Russian artist is the ability to depict heterogeneous and saturated with white shades of snow. Melting snowdrifts add light to the picture and hint to the viewer that spring is just around the corner.

Antique painting "Grouse current"

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Магазин на Новой Риге (Юнимолл)
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paintings, pictorial art
масло, Canvas
H-88, W-221 cm
XIXth century
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