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The sculpture "Hotei with peach"

Ref nr. 01_2794
The sculpture "Hotei with peach"The sculpture "Hotei with peach"The sculpture "Hotei with peach"The sculpture "Hotei with peach"


Sculpture "Hotei with a peach". God of wealth, health, happiness, fun depicted sitting on a bag with a peach in his hands.

There are several legends about the origin of God. But all the different legends are united by a common similarity - this is a very kind, cheerful and generous person, he gives people around him with energy, which changes everything for the better.The bag is an integral attribute of Hotei. According to one version, in the bag of God are stored all of his main values ​​- wealth, health and happiness, with which he bestows all the people around.

The peach in the hands of Hotei is much less common. This fruit symbolizes health and longevity.The sculpture is made of bronze. The beginning XX century

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