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Antique table

Ref nr. 01_3681
Antique tableAntique tableAntique tableAntique tableAntique tableAntique tableAntique tableAntique table


Antique table in the style of Louis XVI. Made of mahogany and decorated with marquetry with maple and ebony inlays. Fittings and trims are made of bronze and covered with gilding. The hull bears the markings of Anti Dasson's workshop - "Henry Dasson". France, XIX century.

Henri Dasson (1825-1896) - French cabinetmaker. It is curious that Henri began his career as a watchmaker, only at the age of 39 he began to work with bronze, and at 46 he became a cabinetmaker from his workshop. This new field immediately brought him fame and universal recognition. His work began to participate in world exhibitions. His furniture, made in the style of products of the 18th century, was awarded gold medals at the Parisian exhibitions of 1878 and 1882. One of his textbook works was Table à Ouvrages. In 1889 he presented a remarkable exhibition, which presented furniture in the style of Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI, which received the Grands Art Prize. He was appointed Knight Commander of the Legion of Honor in 1883, then promoted to officer rank in 1889. 

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