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Антикварная нэцкэ «Лошадь»

Ref nr. 02_0236
Антикварная нэцкэ «Лошадь»Антикварная нэцкэ «Лошадь»Антикварная нэцкэ «Лошадь»Антикварная нэцкэ «Лошадь»Антикварная нэцкэ «Лошадь»


Antique netsuke "Horse". Bone, hand carved. Japan, early. XX century.

The horse personifies optimism, joy of life and eternal movement. In the east, the horse is considered a friend and protector of man from evil spirits.Netsuke is a small carved sculpture, a kind of Japanese arts and crafts. It is a small keychain with a sculptural image of a deity or a revered animal. In ancient times, the netsuke was used as a pendant keychain for attaching small items and pouches to the belt, since there were no pockets on traditional Japanese clothes - kimonos.

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