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Antique Spode porcelain cup and saucer

Ref nr. 02_0374
Antique Spode porcelain cup and saucerAntique Spode porcelain cup and saucerAntique Spode porcelain cup and saucer


Antique pair of tea - a cup and saucer from the famous English firm Spode, one of the elders among the factories that create works of art from porcelain. For more than two hundred years, the company has been creating and improving porcelain; its hallmark is the unique Blue Italian collection, which has existed since 1813.

Spode tableware is the finest tradition of English porcelain with a modern twist. Luxurious porcelain for a festive table or an exclusive for a child - whatever you buy from the Spode collection, it will always decorate your table and interior. England, XX century

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Магазин на Новорижском шоссе
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miscellaneous, tableware, other, gifts, for women
Чашка: V-200 мл
Блюдце: d-14,5
XXth century
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