Unusual sculpture "Pineapple"

Unusual sculpture "Pineapple"
Unusual sculpture "Pineapple"
Unusual sculpture "Pineapple"
Unusual sculpture "Pineapple"

The original sculpture "Pineapple". The sculpture itself is made of carved stone with a matte finish, the leaves are made of metal. The structure rests on a rectangular marble base. The author is Vasily Vladimirovich Kornyushin. Russia, the twentieth century.

Vasily Vladimirovich Kornyushin, sculptor, artist. Graduated from the Vasnetsov Academy of Technical Sciences.(artistic metal), graduated from the higher Stroganov Moscow State Art Academy.(department of monumental sculpture). Member of the Moscow Union of Artists and the Moscow Sculptors' Department. Participant of many youth, regional and Russian exhibitions. In his work, he prefers a combination of different materials and the search for new genres such as sculpture, artistic metal, wood carving, airbrushing and photography

Unusual sculpture "Pineapple"

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Магазин на Новой Риге (Юнимолл)
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sculpture, miscellaneous, статуэтки, gifts
Stone, Metal, Marble
H-57, W-17, D-11 cm
Mid-Сentury modern
XXI century
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