Vintage panel "Tlaloc"

Vintage panel "Tlaloc"
Vintage panel "Tlaloc"
Vintage panel "Tlaloc"
Vintage panel "Tlaloc"

Vintage panel depicting the Aztec deity of rain. Relief stone carving. The plate is attached to a wooden frame. Europe, XX century.

The original image of the mighty Tlaloc was discovered on a fragment of an andesite casket during excavations in Mexico. The rain god holds a jug decorated with a jade glyph. Water and corn are poured out abundantly from the vessel, which indicates the favorable mood of Tlaloc. In not the best days, the "Lord of the South" can not only ruin the harvest, but also send terrible diseases to a person. Tlaloc is wearing a golden breastplate, as the symbol of gold on the neck of the lord of water, fire and thunder tells us.

Vintage panel "Tlaloc"

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Магазин на Новой Риге (Юнимолл)
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miscellaneous, decor, wall decoration
Wood, Stone
H-47, W-61, D-4 cm
XXth century
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