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Decorator's service

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Галерея «БерсоАнтик» принимает на комиссию и покупает предметы антиквариата!

Wooden fireplace mantels.

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Antique Renaissance fireplace portalAntique Renaissance fireplace portal

Ref nr. 52_5391

644 400
Antique fireplace portal with a clockAntique fireplace portal with a clock

Ref nr. 52_5386

3 150 000
old fire mantel with mirrorold fire mantel with mirror

Ref nr. 01_409

998 000 698 800
Antique fireplaceAntique fireplace

Ref nr. 15_2975

765 000
Antique fireplace portalAntique fireplace portal

Ref nr. 01_2057

879 200
Antique Renaissance style fireplaceAntique Renaissance style fireplace

Ref nr. 14_9093

406 800
Antique fireplace portalAntique fireplace portal

Ref nr. 52_5187

270 000
Antique fireplace portalAntique fireplace portal

Ref nr. 52_5122

342 000
Antique Fireplace PortalAntique Fireplace Portal

Ref nr. 52_4277

1 530 000
Antique high fireplace mantelAntique high fireplace mantel

Ref nr. 20_1567

1 170 000
Antique fireplace portalAntique fireplace portal

Ref nr. 52_5068

837 000
old oak fire mantelold oak fire mantel

Ref nr. 01_392

861 000
antique wooden fireplaceantique wooden fireplace

Ref nr. 01_397

1 640 000
Antique mantel with 2 seatsAntique mantel with 2 seats

Ref nr. 01_643

4 900 000
Antique fireplace and mirror art decoAntique fireplace and mirror art deco

Ref nr. 52_4928

981 000
old mantel jugendstilold mantel jugendstil

Ref nr. 01_631

1 402 200 793 200
Antique fireplaceAntique fireplace

Ref nr. 52_2421

648 000
Antique fireplaceAntique fireplace

Ref nr. 12_1285

1 035 000
carved wood fireplacecarved wood fireplace

Ref nr. 01_374

1 271 000 890 250
Antique fireplace portalAntique fireplace portal

Ref nr. 16_1226

909 450
Старинный каминСтаринный камин

Ref nr. 00_621

780 030
antique carved wood fire mantelantique carved wood fire mantel

Ref nr. 01_539

853 200 499 800
Каминный порталКаминный портал

Ref nr. 01_1013

149 400
antique fireplaceantique fireplace

Ref nr. 52_669

747 000

In this part of our catalog you will find a great choice of antique fireplaces in wood. Inspite of the fact that wooden firemantels are executed especially in oak and walnut it is almost impossible to find two similar ones. Created in different styles of Renaissance, Art-Deco, Jugendstil, Gothic, Rococo wooden firemantels will leave cold no one.
All the fireplaces that we sell are unique and made at the epoch when every object manufactured by artist became a real master piece. Virtuosity of the carving of antique firemantels brings them to life and as well as the interior they are. Antique firemantels are verified with the time.
In our staff we have specialists that can calculate the chimney, the heating and install your firemantel at the place.
To purchase please e-mail us: or call +7 916 696 43 28
our address: Nizhnaya Syromiatnicheskaya 10, block 2 (Design centre ARTPLAY), Moscow, Russia.