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Antique painting "Nude"

Ref nr. 52_0019
Antique painting "Nude"Antique painting "Nude"Antique painting "Nude"Antique painting "Nude"


The work is by French artist Alfred Jean Chanio. Born at the very beginning of the 20th century, Chanio became a follower of the post-impressionist school, studied with Montesin and Vuillaume.

Chagno is best known for his sea and city landscapes, painted during his numerous travels in Greece, Italy and Spain.The artist's works have been shown at many famous salons in France and the world. At the moment, a large selection of his paintings has been on permanent display at the ARNOT gallery for over 30 years.The author is also known, including the creation of an artistic league of French artists, which sold his works to Japan and some other eastern countries. The master was the link between the Japanese market and many French artists.The work is painted in oil on canvas. France, 1940-1950

In section:
paintings, pictorial art
масло, Canvas
H-93, W-74 cm
XXth century
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