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Antique sculpture "Pierrot"

Ref nr. 52_5611
Antique sculpture "Pierrot"Antique sculpture "Pierrot"Antique sculpture "Pierrot"


The original work of the world famous sculptor of the Art Deco era - Demeter Chiparus "Pierrot".

The sculpture is made in the chrysoelephantine technique of patinated bronze, the exposed parts of the body are executed with highly artistic detailing from ivory. France, early twentieth century.

Demeter Chiparus is a great sculptor of the Art Deco era. Born in Romania in 1886, from 1909 he studied with famous Italian sculptors, and in 1912 he emigrated to Paris. Graduated from the Paris Academy of Fine Arts.

The master's work was mainly devoted to the image of dancers and theater and ballet dancers. Some of Chiparus' sculptures were directly inspired by Russian dancers and actors, to which this sculpture belongs, which was created from the theatrical image of Alexander Nikolaevich Vertinsky - "Black Pierrot".

This sculpture, like many others, of Demeter Chiparus was made in different sizes. On our site you will find another sculpture "Pierrot", but a little higher, or rather - by 24 centimeters.

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sculpture, bronze sculpture, specials, miscellaneous, decor, gifts
Bronze, ivory
Н-42 cm
XXth century
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