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Antique incense burner

Ref nr. 52_5649
Antique incense burnerAntique incense burnerAntique incense burnerAntique incense burnerAntique incense burnerAntique incense burner


Antique bronze censer in the shape of an elephant carrying a pagoda on its back, the roof of which is crowned with a dragon. Dragons are beautiful creatures endowed with wisdom and immense knowledge. They mean prosperity, family happiness, the embodiment of the masculine essence, and if they are treated with reverence and respect, then the dragon will certainly thank the person, because according to legends he has countless riches. Dragon sculptures adorn many temples and sculptures, thus showing their importance in the human world. Since ancient times, incense burners have been used in eastern countries. Incense was placed inside, which filled the room with a pleasant smell, bringing with it positive energy. Japan, XIX century.

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furniture and décor in oriental style, decor items, specials, miscellaneous, decor, gifts
H-72, W-54, D-18 cm
XIXth century
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