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Antique chandelier Daum Nancy

Ref nr. 52_5651
Antique chandelier Daum NancyAntique chandelier Daum NancyAntique chandelier Daum NancyAntique chandelier Daum Nancy


Antique chandelier in art nouveau style. Made of blown glass, forged metal frame. The glass bowl is decorated with the image of the leaves and fruits of the Japanese persimmon. There is a signature of the factory: "Daum Nancy". France, early XX century.The history of the house "Daum Nancy" began in 1878, when the master Jean Dom (later his business was inherited by his sons Louis-Augustin and Antonine) opened his first workshop. In 1891 the production moved to Nancy. An ordinary workshop turned into a successful art factory. The craftsmen collaborated with Louis Majorelle, Victor Prouvé, Emile Galle, Hilton McConiko and other eminent designers. Most of the work was done in a newly emerging style - Art Nouveau. In 1900, at the Paris Exhibition, the new style was officially recognized, and Daum Nancy's works received the Grand Prix and orders from metropolitan clients. Nancy was the first to manufacture electric lamps with laminated glass lampshades. A year after the furor at the Paris exhibition, the Nancy factory invited the architect Eugene Wallen to work and organized the world-famous "School of Nancy". Later, Nancy's masters began to work with crystal.

In section:
lighting, chandelier / ceiling lights
Metal, Glass
H-75, d-41 cm
Art-Nouveau, Jugendstill
XXth century
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