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Painting "On a Pontoon"

Ref nr. 52_5708
Painting "On a Pontoon"Painting "On a Pontoon"Painting "On a Pontoon"Painting "On a Pontoon"Painting "On a Pontoon"Painting "On a Pontoon"Painting "On a Pontoon"


Painting "On the Pontoon". Canvas, oil. The work is framed in an authentic wooden frame with gilding. In the lower right corner, the author's signature is Eugène Begarat. France, XX century.Eugène Begarat is a French artist. In 1960 he enrolled at the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs de Nice and in 1964 at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris. Working in the technique of divisionism, Eugene Begarat is known as an artist "out of the era". His canvases breathe life, they are bright, saturated with light and very recognizable. Begarat is known all over the world, he is exhibited in France and abroad. His paintings can be found in the best private collections.

In section:
paintings, pictorial art, miscellaneous, decor, wall decoration
масло, Canvas
В раме: H-69, W-47 cm
Без рамы: H-55, W-33 cm
XXth century
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