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Vintage bas-relief "Dancer"

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Vintage bas-relief "Dancer"Vintage bas-relief "Dancer"Vintage bas-relief "Dancer"


Antique Art Deco bas-relief "Dancer". On the bottom of the frame there is a plaque with the name of the author of the work: “M. Pico ". These are the initials of the French architect and decorator Maurice Pico Diet Pico (1900-1977). This bas-relief supposedly depicts the famous dancer Anita Barka. France, XX century.

Maurice Pico dit Pico (1900-1977) - French architect, artist and restorer. Educated at the Boulle School, he worked for the decorator Jacques-Émile Rouhlmann and has also shown himself as a cartoonist in Science et Vie, Le Sportif, L'Auto and Le Matin magazines. Among his typical Art Deco creations is the Folies Bergère2 façade in Paris, created in 1926. The façade depicts the dancer Lila Nikolska posing for the sculpture. Maurice Picot also painted the frescoes inside (the main staircase and the City Council Hall) of the Mondidier Town Hall in the Somme department in the very early 1930s.

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Wood, Gilding
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XXth century
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