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Antique sculpture "Leda and the Swan"

Ref nr. 52_5919
Antique sculpture "Leda and the Swan"Antique sculpture "Leda and the Swan"Antique sculpture "Leda and the Swan"Antique sculpture "Leda and the Swan"Antique sculpture "Leda and the Swan"


Ancient sculptural composition "Leda and the Swan". Made of patinated bronze. One of the most chaste depictions of an antique subject, attributed to the end of the 19th century. The image is based on the legends about the adventures of Zeus (Jupiter), who loved to enter the bedrooms of beauties in the images of different creatures. One of the injured girls was the daughter of the Aetolian king Festius and Eurytemis, the wife of the king of Sparta Tyndareus - Leda. The sculpture depicts the moment of seduction of a naked beauty. A girl with a high bun in the Art Nouveau style bends her neck, and Zeus in the form of a swan, embracing her with his wings, reaches for her lips. The sculpture bears the sculptor's signature: "J.HERBAYS". France, XIX century.

In section:
sculpture, bronze sculpture, gifts, for leaders, for men, vip gifts
Bronze, Patine
Н-45, W-37, D-45 cm
Art-Nouveau, Jugendstill
XIXth century
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