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Antique vase Galle

Ref nr. 52_5982
Antique vase GalleAntique vase GalleAntique vase GalleAntique vase GalleAntique vase GalleAntique vase GalleAntique vase GalleAntique vase Galle


Antique Galle vase in the Art Nouveau style. It is made of laminated glass with a decor in the form of leaves and inflorescences of eucalyptus. The base has the signature of the workshop of Emile Halle. There is a marking in the form of an "asterisk"next to it. This signature was put from 1904 to 1908. France, the twentieth century.In 1846, the artist Emile Galle was born in the French city of Nancy, whose name has become synonymous with Art Nouveau. At the age of 28, he headed the family business for the production of art glass, and at 46 he opened his own workshop, where he started making furniture. But most of the customers remembered him because of his works made of laminated glass, decorated with images of flowers and plants.

The beauty of the performance will not leave anyone indifferent. And if it so happened that you are not yet familiar with the famous master, then we invite you to visit our section - "Publications", where you can briefly immerse yourself in the world of art glass and get to know the great masters of glass art!

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miscellaneous, decor, antique vases, gifts
H-20, d-15 cm
Art-Nouveau, Jugendstill
XXth century
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