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Antique sculpture "Jericho"

Ref nr. 52_6345
Antique sculpture "Jericho"Antique sculpture "Jericho"Antique sculpture "Jericho"Antique sculpture "Jericho"Antique sculpture "Jericho"


Antique sculpture made of metal covered with emerald green patina on a marble pedestal. The composition represents a naked woman "Jericho". At the base of the figure is the author's signature "Guerbe". France, early XX century.French sculptor Pierre le Faguays (1892-1962) was an outstanding master of the Art Deco era. He graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Geneva. Fagoi often presented his works under the pseudonyms Fayral and Guerbe - the names of his mother and wife. This work is signed in honor of the wife of the sculptor Raimonda Herb. Most of Le Fagoy's works were executed at the foundry of his compatriot and outstanding sculptor Max Le Verrier. Verrier used not bronze for casting sculptures, but a special metal alloy, which had a special plasticity and made it possible to more accurately and fully convey the manner and details of each figure.

In section:
Metal, Marble, Patine
Н - 35,5 cm
XXth century
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