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Antique drawing "Two"

Ref nr. 52_6549
Antique drawing "Two"Antique drawing "Two"Antique drawing "Two"Antique drawing "Two"


Antique drawing "Two". Watercolor and pencil on paper. In the lower left corner, the author's signature is Camille Hilaire. The work is framed in a wooden frame. France, XX century.

Camille Hilaire (1916-2004) was a French artist educated at the École National des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He was appointed professor of fine arts and taught in Nancy and later in Paris. He held his first exhibition in Paris in 1951 at the Gallerie Valloton. The artist has exhibited at leading international exhibitions in Geneva, Cannes, Deauville. He was awarded the Venice Prize in 1948 and the Casa de Velazquez Prize in 1950.

In section:
paintings, graphics, decor, wall decoration, gifts
watercolor, Paper, Wood
Н-51.5, W-42 cm
Без рамы: Н-37, W-27.5 cm
XXth century
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