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France fireplace barrier

Ref nr. 52_6552
France fireplace barrierFrance fireplace barrierFrance fireplace barrierFrance fireplace barrierFrance fireplace barrier


Antique Louis XV style fireplace barrier.

The barrier is made of three parts: two side frames connected by a transverse bar with a guide structure. Such a configuration does not imply a rigid fixing of parts, which allows several adjustments to the overall length in order for the barrier to fit even more harmoniously into the fireplace area.

The barrier is made of bronze and gilded. Over time, in some places, gilding learned the destructive effect of fire, which gives the object a certain majesty and emphasizes its solidity.The barrier belongs to the late 19th century. France

In section:
antique fire accessories, fireplace fenders
Bronze, Gilding
H-38, W-95 cm
Louis XV (rococo)
XIXth century
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