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Antique sculpture "Olympic flame"

Ref nr. 52_6570
Antique sculpture "Olympic flame"


Antique sculpture "Olympic flame". The work is made of cast iron. The sculpture was cast in the renowned Val d'Osne foundry. France, 1870s

The factory was opened in 1836 by Jean-Pierre-Victor André. His work was highly regarded for its unsurpassed craftsmanship and workmanship. The production received international recognition in 1851 at the Universal Exhibition held in London in the Crystal Palace. On it, Jean-Pierre-Victor André was awarded the Big Medal. At the time, such great masters as Mathurin Moreau, Charles Theodore Perron, Charles-Henri Purquet cast their sculptures at the foundry. The workshop ceased to exist in 1986. But we still have a reminder of this factory, even when looking at the elegant candelabra that adorn the entrances to the London Underground.

In section:
sculpture, specials, miscellaneous, decor
Cast iron
H-143, D-44 cm
XIXth century
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