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Antique painting "Pekingese"

Ref nr. 52_6604
Antique painting "Pekingese"Antique painting "Pekingese"Antique painting "Pekingese"Antique painting "Pekingese"Antique painting "Pekingese"Antique painting "Pekingese"Antique painting "Pekingese"


Antique painting "Pekingese". Watercolor on paper. The painting is framed in an authentic wooden frame. The work is signed by the author - Marino Lenci. Italy, 1900s

Marino Lenci (1874-1939) - Italian painter. He was educated at the Institute of Fine Arts in Naples. Having moved to Venice, he became one of the organizers of the first Youth Exhibition. Lenci was primarily a genre painter and painted portraits of cats and dogs. His paintings can be found at world auctions and in private collections.

In section:
paintings, watercolor, miscellaneous, decor, wall decoration
Без рамы: Н-15.5, W-28.5 cm
В раме: Н-23, W-36 cm
XXth century
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