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Vintage lithograph "Pictor"

Ref nr. 52_6624
Vintage lithograph "Pictor"Vintage lithograph "Pictor"Vintage lithograph "Pictor"Vintage lithograph "Pictor"Vintage lithograph "Pictor"Vintage lithograph "Pictor"


Vintage lithograph "Pictor". Paper. Author - Victor Vasarely. France, XX century.

Victor Vasarely (1906-1997), née Diezu Vasarelyi, was a French sculptor, painter, graphic artist of Hungarian origin, the founder of the op-art movement. In 1930, having moved to Paris, he took the pseudonym Victor Vasarely and stayed there to live and work for the rest of his life. He skillfully experimented with the depiction of precise geometric shapes, using bright contrasting colors, which, when combined, created the effect of smooth, endless movement. His collage "Cosmos" became the first work of art to travel to outer space on the Soyuz T-6 spacecraft. Winner of many awards and prizes, his canvases are in many museums around the world and the best private collections. Vasarely left behind a rich legacy to descendants - hundreds of museum-level paintings, his own museum and the Vasarely Foundation.

In section:
paintings, miscellaneous, wall decoration, gifts, for leaders, for men, vip gifts
H-67, W-67 cm
XXth century
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