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Antique sculpture "Lying bull"

Ref nr. 52_6631
Antique sculpture "Lying bull"Antique sculpture "Lying bull"Antique sculpture "Lying bull"Antique sculpture "Lying bull"Antique sculpture "Lying bull"Antique sculpture "Lying bull"Antique sculpture "Lying bull"


Ancient sculpture "Lying Bull". Made of bronze. There is a marking: "Rosa B". The author of the model is the sculptor Marie-Rosalie Bonneur, known as Rosa Bonneur.

Marie-Rosalie Bonneur, known as Rosa Bonneur, (1822 - 1899). Artist and animal sculptor.

In 1865, she was the first female artist to receive the Legion of Honor. Empress Eugenia handed it to him personally, wanting to demonstrate that "a genius has no gender." In 1894, she became the first woman to receive the rank of officer.

She has access to great painting despite all the obstacles placed on women by her 1849 painting Le Plowing Nivernais. Together with Natalie Mikas and Juliette Bonheur, she opens a production workshop. Her work is reproduced in engravings by the house of Goupil, who strives to make art accessible to all. The first artist whose paintings began to rise in value during her lifetime and one of the first feminist artists.

In section:
sculpture, bronze sculpture, miscellaneous, gifts, for leaders, for men, vip gifts
Н-18, W-30, D-18 cm
XIXth century
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