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Antique pair sculptures "Lions"

Ref nr. 52_6833
Antique pair sculptures "Lions"Antique pair sculptures "Lions"Antique pair sculptures "Lions"Antique pair sculptures "Lions"Antique pair sculptures "Lions"Antique pair sculptures "Lions"Antique pair sculptures "Lions"


Antique pair sculptures "Lions". Made of plaster and covered with patina with detailed elaboration of muscles, paws, wavy lines of the mane and curves of the body. Leo is a symbol with a long history. Nobility, courage, greatness and strength, all these are characteristics that accompany the image of this beast. Leo is the personification of the sun itself, primarily due to its golden color and bright mane, a symbol of royal power and wisdom. The first images of these royal animals date back to the Paleolithic period. In Russia, the fashion for sculptures of the kings of animals came from Europe in the 17th century. During the reign of Peter the Great, the facades of palaces, public buildings and parks in St. Petersburg and the provinces began to be decorated with lion sculptures. France, XX century.

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sculpture, architectural antiques, miscellaneous, miscellaneous, decor
H-110, W-42, D-52 cm
XXth century
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