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Antique 1750s telescope

Ref nr. 52_7318
Antique 1750s telescopeAntique 1750s telescopeAntique 1750s telescopeAntique 1750s telescopeAntique 1750s telescope


Very beautiful telescope with reflection signed Navarre in Paris. C.1750It is mounted on its original folding tripod foot.Both mirrors are in very good condition.Original tube cap.The small mirror moves thanks to a worm on the tube.Navarre François: He bears the title of Ordianary Engineer in instruments of physics and mathematics privileged by Monsignor the Duke of BourtgogneSpecialized in the manufacture of Gregorian telescopes, he presented several of them to the Academy of Sciences.Very good condition for an instrument from around 1750.


In section:
specials, miscellaneous, decor, other, gifts, for leaders, for men, vip gifts, for women
H-32, L-43, d-6 cm
Louis XV (rococo)
XVIIIth century
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