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Antique Regency style mirror

Ref nr. 52_8174
Antique Regency style mirrorAntique Regency style mirrorAntique Regency style mirrorAntique Regency style mirror


Antique regency mirror. wood, plaster, gilding. France, XIX century

Truly magnificent work: the frame is decorated with stucco molding in the form of garlands, in the central part there is an element of heraldry, the side parts are decorated with figures of sphinxes with female faces. The combination of antiquity and idleness enhances the pompous effect of the object. The Sphinx is a secret, a guardian, only by guessing the riddle given by him can you go to the other side. Every mirror has this kind of riddle. because it was created in a single copy, the soul and skill of the performer was invested in it.

In section:
old mirrors, miscellaneous, decor, gifts
gypsum, Wood, Gilding
H-209, L-135 cm
XIXth century
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