Sculpture “Dragon with a Pearl”

Sculpture “Dragon with a Pearl”
Sculpture “Dragon with a Pearl”
Sculpture “Dragon with a Pearl”
Sculpture “Dragon with a Pearl”

Sculpture "Dragon with a Pearl". Made of bronze. This dragon with a pearl belongs to the Futsanglong subspecies, that is, “dragon that hides treasures.” The effect of the plastic figure is enhanced by the careful elaboration of details: scales, unique curves of the body, the shape of the muzzle, the crest of the tail and the clouds on which the sculpture is installed. China, XX century.

The dragon is one of the most famous symbols of prosperity. He personifies strength, endurance and generosity. And the pearl in his paw is a symbol of spiritual and material well-being; it is considered the main wealth of the creature. The value of one pearl is difficult to calculate in monetary terms: it bestows the most important wealth - power and excellent health to its owner. Everything that the pearl touches will multiply and begin to grow. You just need to treat such a gift very carefully and respectfully, because the cunning and strength of a dragon are worth a lot.In China, a dragon with a pearl of wisdom was considered the divine patron of the emperor, personifying greatness and wisdom.

Sculpture “Dragon with a Pearl”

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H-18, W-15, D-12 cm
XXth century
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