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Наши предметы в интерьерах
Наши предметы в интерьерах

Прекрасно, когда клиенты галереи находят у нас то, что искали и делятся с нами своей радостью!

Галерея «БерсоАнтик» принимает на комиссию и покупает предметы антиквариата!

New arrivals. Industrial.

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Найдено: 35
antique metal and wood safeAntique metal and wood safe

Ref nr. 01_5038

rare antique safeRare antique safe

Ref nr. 01_2569

Vintage garden chairsVintage garden chairs

Ref nr. 02_5549

129 000
Antique safeAntique safe

Ref nr. 88_0564

antique spotlightAntique spotlight

Ref nr. 01_8513

245 000
Antique Office ChairAntique Office Chair

Ref nr. 88_5595

78 000
Antique armchair "Russian Lubok"Antique armchair "Russian Lubok"

Ref nr. 88_5597

145 000
Pair torcheres industryPair torcheres industry

Ref nr. 01_131415

350 000 298 800
Sculpture "Crane of Paradise"Sculpture "Crane of Paradise"

Ref nr. 88_1442

120 600
Antique spotlightAntique spotlight

Ref nr. 01_1364

Antique safeAntique safe

Ref nr. 52_7926

Antique ship's lanternAntique ship's lantern

Ref nr. 01_5971

Antique steam machineAntique steam machine

Ref nr. 52_7818

578 700

Ref nr. 01_4110

45 000
Antique safe boxAntique safe box

Ref nr. 52_5595

Coat rack "Harley Davidson"Coat rack "Harley Davidson"

Ref nr. 52_5443

202 500
Vintage sculpture "Wind Catcher"Vintage sculpture "Wind Catcher"

Ref nr. 01_1231

590 000
Vintage sculpture "Brainwashing"Vintage sculpture "Brainwashing"

Ref nr. 01_1232

590 000
mirror starMirror star

Ref nr. 20_333

123 000

Ref nr. 01_5200

328 000 299 000
Sculpture "Bucephalus"

Ref nr. 01_2035

2 690 000
Sculpture "Girl"Sculpture "Girl"

Ref nr. 01_2037

760 000
Винтажный планетарийВинтажный планетарий

Ref nr. 52_4169

261 000
Clothes Hanger IronClothes Hanger Iron

Ref nr. 16_1228

108 000
Кофейный столикКофейный столик

Ref nr. 01_1052

79 750 52 800
Industrial table lampIndustrial table lamp

Ref nr. 01_4274

24 000
Настольная лампа в стиле ЛофтНастольная лампа в стиле Лофт

Ref nr. 01_1036

27 000
Industrial table lampIndustrial table lamp

Ref nr. 01_1034

19 800
dinner tables industryDinner tables industry

Ref nr. 20_421

553 000
The table in the style of industrialThe table in the style of industrial

Ref nr. 01_4135

65 600
Antique metal “love” lettersAntique metal “love” letters

Ref nr. 20_4551

58 900
Настенный светильник в стиле лофтНастенный светильник в стиле лофт

Ref nr. 85_002

22 500
Brigitte Bardot printed photoBrigitte Bardot printed photo

Ref nr. 20_4333

108 000
industrial MirrorIndustrial Mirror

Ref nr. 01_4195

Сoncrete Lampshade with fiber insertsСoncrete Lampshade with fiber inserts

Ref nr. 099_01

73 000

Dear guests, Welcome to our antique gallery! We gathered for you a special collection of antique rare marble fireplaces or fine curved elegant old wooden firemantels. If due to some reason no one of them suits you just click "add to info request list" and choose something from our catalog. In our staff there are skillful specialists who can calculate chimney dimensions, furnace, install the mantel and garantee you good engeneering assistance. All the antique fireplaces we sell are unique ones and were created in the epoch when the artists put their heart into everything they did creating real masterpieces of marble and wood. Rich quantity of marble textures, their authenticity and saturation are an integral part of every fireplace. The virtuosity of the carving enlivens the mantels and the interior that they embellish too. Antique fireplaces are time prooved. The prices of the old firemantels are comparable with modern ones. Please contact us: info@bersoantik.ru or call +7 (916) 696 43 28 Our address is Nizhnaya Syromyatnicheskaya ulitsa 10, nr 2 (ARTPLAY Design Centre), Moscow, Russia