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Antique salad bowl

Ref nr. 02_0415
Antique salad bowlAntique salad bowlAntique salad bowlAntique salad bowlAntique salad bowlAntique salad bowlAntique salad bowlAntique salad bowl


Antique salad bowl. Porcelain. England, XX centuryA real rarity in good condition. The famous Mason's company has existed in England for over 200 years. The jars are painted with a plot pattern in white and blue, which the British love so much. The history of the famous English brand Mason's began in 1796 in London. It was founded by Miles Mason, who imported Chinese porcelain, which was very popular in England and Europe at that time. In 1804 Mason decides to start his own cookware production, in 1806 he opens the Minerva Works in Lane Delph, Fenton, Staffordshire in England. Today, under the Mason's label, porcelain tableware is produced, which embodies the best traditions of English porcelain production. The unique design, quality and rich history have been preserved. highly prized by collectors. Includes 5 pcs. The cost is indicated for 1 item.

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miscellaneous, tableware, cymbals, dishes, other, gifts, for women
d-16 cm
V-300 мл
вес (каждая) - 202 г
XXth century
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