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Наши предметы в интерьерах
Наши предметы в интерьерах

Прекрасно, когда клиенты галереи находят у нас то, что искали и делятся с нами своей радостью!

Галерея «БерсоАнтик» принимает на комиссию и покупает предметы антиквариата!

New arrivals. Victorian.

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Найдено: 36
Antique coffee setAntique coffee set

Ref nr. 02_1981

193 500
Antique coffee setAntique coffee set

Ref nr. 02_1884

193 500
Antique wine fountainAntique wine fountain

Ref nr. 02_1530

87 400
Antique bouillotte, EnglandAntique bouillotte, England

Ref nr. 02_1529

86 500
Antique tray, EnglandAntique tray, England

Ref nr. 02_1901

64 500
Antique bouillotte, EnglandAntique bouillotte, England

Ref nr. 02_1532

86 450
Antique bureau-secretary
Victorian styleAntique bureau-secretary
Victorian style

Ref nr. 02_1778

838 500
Antique bar cabinetAntique bar cabinet

Ref nr. 02_1707

688 550
Antique bird cage "Dome"Antique bird cage "Dome"

Ref nr. 88_5290

Antique cup and saucer blue Camilla porcelainAntique cup and saucer blue Camilla porcelain

Ref nr. 02_5692

Antique salad set in a wardrobe trunkAntique salad set in a wardrobe trunk

Ref nr. 02_5462

57 000
Antique mirror with embroideryAntique mirror with embroidery

Ref nr. 02_5452

20 000
Antique crumb pickerAntique crumb picker

Ref nr. 02_5450

58 000
Antique pair of goblets, EnglandAntique pair of goblets, England

Ref nr. 02_5457

Antique breakfast table setAntique breakfast table set

Ref nr. 02_5465

38 000
Vintage paired engravings "Carex"Vintage paired engravings "Carex"

Ref nr. 02_1168

43 000
Antique engraving “Architectural elements. Cathedral"Antique engraving “Architectural elements. Cathedral"

Ref nr. 02_1170

18 000
Antique candle holderAntique candle holder

Ref nr. 02_0361

Antique pair of nightstandsAntique pair of nightstands

Ref nr. 02_5287

Antique jugAntique jug

Ref nr. 02_2215

59 000
Antique armchairs - sofaAntique armchairs - sofa

Ref nr. 02_1087

Antique pair Edward style tablesAntique pair Edward style tables

Ref nr. 02_1077

59 300
Antique painting a girl with a hatAntique painting a girl with a hat

Ref nr. 52_8685

Antique Fireplace SetAntique Fireplace Set

Ref nr. 02_0560

Antique plate "English hunting"Antique plate "English hunting"

Ref nr. 02_0429

1 500
Antique Mason's soup dishAntique Mason's soup dish

Ref nr. 02_0416

4 190
Antique crystal boxAntique crystal box

Ref nr. 02_0371

24 000
Antique royal Worcester dishAntique royal Worcester dish

Ref nr. 02_0367

Antique crystal and silver boxAntique crystal and silver box

Ref nr. 02_0345

24 000
Antique tray and a dishAntique tray and a dish

Ref nr. 02_0372

8 000
Antique hunting dishesAntique hunting dishes

Ref nr. 02_0420

3 000
Antique salad bowlAntique salad bowl

Ref nr. 02_0415

4 000
Antique gravy boat on a standAntique gravy boat on a stand

Ref nr. 02_0405

antique strainerAntique strainer

Ref nr. 02_0386

8 000
Antique matchboxAntique matchbox

Ref nr. 02_0375

22 000
Vintage cameo broochVintage cameo brooch

Ref nr. 01_1292

1 875

Dear guests, Welcome to our antique gallery! We gathered for you a special collection of antique rare marble fireplaces or fine curved elegant old wooden firemantels. If due to some reason no one of them suits you just click "add to info request list" and choose something from our catalog. In our staff there are skillful specialists who can calculate chimney dimensions, furnace, install the mantel and garantee you good engeneering assistance. All the antique fireplaces we sell are unique ones and were created in the epoch when the artists put their heart into everything they did creating real masterpieces of marble and wood. Rich quantity of marble textures, their authenticity and saturation are an integral part of every fireplace. The virtuosity of the carving enlivens the mantels and the interior that they embellish too. Antique fireplaces are time prooved. The prices of the old firemantels are comparable with modern ones. Please contact us: info@bersoantik.ru or call +7 (916) 696 43 28 Our address is Nizhnaya Syromyatnicheskaya ulitsa 10, nr 2 (ARTPLAY Design Centre), Moscow, Russia