Vintage brooch "Month"

Vintage brooch "Month"
Vintage brooch "Month"
Vintage brooch "Month"
Vintage brooch "Month"
Vintage brooch "Month"
Vintage brooch "Month"

Volumetric vintage brooch "Month". Metal. Europe, XX century

Vintage jewelry M Jent. For almost half a century, jewelry marked "M Jent" delight lovers and collectors of costume jewelry. Exquisite handwork, beautiful design and high quality workmanship distinguish M Jent jewelry. Traditionally, jewelers use gold-tone jewelry alloy, multi-colored enamels, lucite, crystals and rhinestones, as well as semi-precious stones.

The design of all jewelry can be divided into three types - modernist, abstract and classic. The vintage jewelry presented here from the 1970s-1990s is traditionally in demand among collectors and jewelry lovers. The owner of MJ Enterprises from Coventry, Rhode Island, which employs about 6 jewelers, is George Sadyu. A small private company started making costume jewelry in 1977, but according to other sources, a decade later. MJ stands for M Jent or MJ Enterprises.

Vintage brooch "Month"

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Магазин на Новой Риге (Юнимолл)
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vintage jewellery, brooches, gifts, for leaders, vip gifts, for women
Gilding, Metal
H-6, W-5 cm
XXth century
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