Antique vase "Okura"

Antique vase "Okura"
Antique vase "Okura"
Antique vase "Okura"
Antique vase "Okura"

Antique vase from Okura porcelain, the most expensive porcelain from Japan. 20th century

The vase is painted in gold in the form of an iris flower on a white background. Okura is a Japanese manufacturer founded in 1919 by Magobei Okura and his son Kazutika. The main theme of the production was the creation of porcelain products that embody the skill of Japanese craftsmen and embody the splendor of their country. Okura porcelain can be found in private collections of European royal families. In Japan, okura is the main supplier of the imperial court.

Iris is one of the favorite flowers of the Japanese, it is sung by poets, artists, it is the sacred flower of the samurai, unpretentious and hardy like a warrior.

Antique vase "Okura"

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