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Наши предметы в интерьерах
Наши предметы в интерьерах

Прекрасно, когда клиенты галереи находят у нас то, что искали и делятся с нами своей радостью!

Галерея «БерсоАнтик» принимает на комиссию и покупает предметы антиквариата!

New arrivals. Ceramics.

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Найдено: 150
Antique sculpture "Pho the Dog"Antique sculpture "Pho the Dog"

Ref nr. 02_9882

215 000
Vintage vase "Peaches"Vintage vase "Peaches"

Ref nr. 88_1063

Huge vintage teapotHuge vintage teapot

Ref nr. 02_1894

126 000
Antique sculpture "Playing Pho dogs", JapanAntique sculpture "Playing Pho dogs", Japan

Ref nr. 02_9876

279 500
Vintage ashtray with a monkeyVintage ashtray with a monkey

Ref nr. 02_1867

32 500
Regency MantelRegency Mantel

Ref nr. 33_1063

984 000 764 000
Antique porcelain vase with Fo dogsAntique porcelain vase with Fo dogs

Ref nr. 02_0450

325 000
Vintage planters-aquariumVintage planters-aquarium

Ref nr. 88_5100

365 000
Vintage sculpture "Buddha with children"Vintage sculpture "Buddha with children"

Ref nr. 02_0649

146 000
Vase “Red Ruby”, ChinaVase “Red Ruby”, China

Ref nr. 02_1450

278 000
antique pho dog sculptureAntique pho dog sculpture

Ref nr. 02_5303

148 000
Vintage aquarium planterVintage aquarium planter

Ref nr. 88_3457

352 000
Antique panel "Genji Carriage"Antique panel "Genji Carriage"

Ref nr. 02_1539

325 000
Vintage jug with grapesVintage jug with grapes

Ref nr. 88_1517

67 000
Antique vase with grapevineAntique vase with grapevine

Ref nr. 88_1518

59 000
Decorative vase "Carps"Decorative vase "Carps"

Ref nr. 88_7814

34 000
Antique sculptureAntique sculpture

Ref nr. 02_1523

322 000
Vase "Inflorescences"Vase "Inflorescences"

Ref nr. 02_1509

89 000
Vase in the shape of a shell with putti.Vase in the shape of a shell with putti.

Ref nr. 02_1524

220 000
Antique sculpture "Tang Horse"Antique sculpture "Tang Horse"

Ref nr. 02_1521

92 000
Vintage sculpture "Buddha with children"Vintage sculpture "Buddha with children"

Ref nr. 88_2702

Antique paired sculpturesAntique paired sculptures

Ref nr. 02_9004

107 500
Antique sculpture "Dog Fo"Antique sculpture "Dog Fo"

Ref nr. 02_9922

193 000
Antique sculpture "Dog Fo"Antique sculpture "Dog Fo"

Ref nr. 02_1535

Very rare soviet plate
"Metro", 1950sVery rare soviet plate
"Metro", 1950s

Ref nr. 02_9488

53 750
Antique sculpture "Hotei with Gumbai"Antique sculpture "Hotei with Gumbai"

Ref nr. 02_5589

249 000
Antique sculpture "Pho the Dog"Antique sculpture "Pho the Dog"

Ref nr. 02_5294

154 000
Antique incense burnerAntique incense burner

Ref nr. 02_9477

112 800
Vintage paired vasesVintage paired vases

Ref nr. 88_1042

A large antique vaseA large antique vase

Ref nr. 88_5204

178 900
Vintage sculpture "Geisha", ChinaVintage sculpture "Geisha", China

Ref nr. 88_2704

118 000
Vintage vaseVintage vase

Ref nr. 88_1585

387 000
Vintage sculpture «Rabbit»Vintage sculpture «Rabbit»

Ref nr. 02_2536

37 800
Винтажная скульптура «Тигр». ЯпонияВинтажная скульптура «Тигр». Япония

Ref nr. 02_2535

18 900
Antique vase made in the Satsuma workshops.Antique vase made in the Satsuma workshops.

Ref nr. 02_2627

132 000
Vintage sculpture "Monkey"Vintage sculpture "Monkey"

Ref nr. 02_2603

33 000
Vintage sculpture
"Tree of Longevity", China
​Vintage sculpture
"Tree of Longevity", China

Ref nr. 88_2703

121 000
Sculpture "Bird"Sculpture "Bird"

Ref nr. 02_2621

76 700
Vintage sculpture
"Snake", JapanVintage sculpture
"Snake", Japan

Ref nr. 02_2608

24 000
Vintage Dragon Chopstick Holders (Hashioki)Vintage Dragon Chopstick Holders (Hashioki)

Ref nr. 02_2537

35 470
Vintage sculpture "Monkey"Vintage sculpture "Monkey"

Ref nr. 02_2538

18 200
Antique paired planters. AritaAntique paired planters. Arita

Ref nr. 02_5012

Vintage Oriental Kutani VaseVintage Oriental Kutani Vase

Ref nr. 02_5011

65 000
Paired vintage vasesPaired vintage vases

Ref nr. 88_1571

232 000
Ceramic stoolCeramic stool

Ref nr. 88_5149

Antique pair sculptures
"Celestials"Antique pair sculptures

Ref nr. 02_5054

218 000
Vintage vase "Peonies and bamboo"Vintage vase "Peonies and bamboo"

Ref nr. 88_1051

Vintage umbrella vaseVintage umbrella vase

Ref nr. 88_1553

147 000
Vintage vase "Mapin"Vintage vase "Mapin"

Ref nr. 88_1059

38 000
antique planter-aquarium,
ChinaAntique planter-aquarium,

Ref nr. 88_5901

274 000
Vintage vase for dried flowersVintage vase for dried flowers

Ref nr. 88_1556

132 500
unusual vaseUnusual vase

Ref nr. 88_1067

39 600
Vintage paired vasesVintage paired vases

Ref nr. 02_5801

87 000
antique sculpture
DurojinAntique sculpture

Ref nr. 02_7199


Dear guests, Welcome to our antique gallery! We gathered for you a special collection of antique rare marble fireplaces or fine curved elegant old wooden firemantels. If due to some reason no one of them suits you just click "add to info request list" and choose something from our catalog. In our staff there are skillful specialists who can calculate chimney dimensions, furnace, install the mantel and garantee you good engeneering assistance. All the antique fireplaces we sell are unique ones and were created in the epoch when the artists put their heart into everything they did creating real masterpieces of marble and wood. Rich quantity of marble textures, their authenticity and saturation are an integral part of every fireplace. The virtuosity of the carving enlivens the mantels and the interior that they embellish too. Antique fireplaces are time prooved. The prices of the old firemantels are comparable with modern ones. Please contact us: info@bersoantik.ru or call +7 (916) 696 43 28 Our address is Nizhnaya Syromyatnicheskaya ulitsa 10, nr 2 (ARTPLAY Design Centre), Moscow, Russia