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Наши предметы в интерьерах
Наши предметы в интерьерах

Прекрасно, когда клиенты галереи находят у нас то, что искали и делятся с нами своей радостью!

Галерея «БерсоАнтик» принимает на комиссию и покупает предметы антиквариата!

New arrivals. Silver plating.

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Найдено: 82
Antique coffee setAntique coffee set

Ref nr. 02_1981

193 500
Antique coffee setAntique coffee set

Ref nr. 02_1884

193 500
Vintage decanterVintage decanter

Ref nr. 02_1866

95 700
Antique champagne bucketAntique champagne bucket

Ref nr. 02_1865

183 000
Antique panel
"Mount Fuji", JapanAntique panel
"Mount Fuji", Japan

Ref nr. 02_1805

187 050
Antique ship "Takarabune",
JapanAntique ship "Takarabune",

Ref nr. 02_1817

258 400
Antique panel
"Tiger and Dragon", JapanAntique panel
"Tiger and Dragon", Japan

Ref nr. 02_1804

193 500
Antique sugar spoonAntique sugar spoon

Ref nr. 02_1527

25 800
Antique tray, EnglandAntique tray, England

Ref nr. 02_1901

64 500
An antique poached eggAn antique poached egg

Ref nr. 02_1513

86 000
Antique bouillotte, EnglandAntique bouillotte, England

Ref nr. 02_1529

86 500
Antique bouillotte, EnglandAntique bouillotte, England

Ref nr. 02_1532

86 450
Antique panel "Carp"Antique panel "Carp"

Ref nr. 02_0515

247 500
Antique ashtray
with a lighterAntique ashtray
with a lighter

Ref nr. 02_1793

118 250
Pair of antique candle holdersPair of antique candle holders

Ref nr. 01_4916

32 000
Vintage panel “Noh Theater Actor”Vintage panel “Noh Theater Actor”

Ref nr. 02_5600

197 900
Antique painting “Spring Mountain”Antique painting “Spring Mountain”

Ref nr. 02_5581

225 000
Vintage sculpture "Meoto" ("Happy Couple").Vintage sculpture "Meoto" ("Happy Couple").

Ref nr. 02_9463

160 000
Antique vase "Deer",
JapanAntique vase "Deer",

Ref nr. 02_5006

46 000
Antique Art Nouveau plantersAntique Art Nouveau planters

Ref nr. 02_5729

71 500
Antique Venetian mirrorAntique Venetian mirror

Ref nr. 02_1164

Antique sculpture "Tiger"Antique sculpture "Tiger"

Ref nr. 02_5671

145 000
Antique shakerAntique shaker

Ref nr. 02_5473

antique trayAntique tray

Ref nr. 02_5491

156 000
Antique champagne bucketAntique champagne bucket

Ref nr. 02_5474

172 000
Antique pair of goblets, EnglandAntique pair of goblets, England

Ref nr. 02_5457

Antique salad setAntique salad set

Ref nr. 02_5463

48 000
Antique breakfast table setAntique breakfast table set

Ref nr. 02_5465

38 000
Antique stackAntique stack

Ref nr. 02_5407

24 000
Old vaseOld vase

Ref nr. 01_2020

240 000
Dessert spoon "Emperor"Dessert spoon "Emperor"

Ref nr. 01_3430

4 200
Antique sculpture, "Wish for 10,000 years of health"Antique sculpture, "Wish for 10,000 years of health"

Ref nr. 02_5310

Vintage clip-on earrings STERLINGVintage clip-on earrings STERLING

Ref nr. 02_1320

Antique candle holderAntique candle holder

Ref nr. 02_0361

Vintage shakerVintage shaker

Ref nr. 02_1004

Vintage set for spicesVintage set for spices

Ref nr. 02_2311

Vintage decanterVintage decanter

Ref nr. 02_2242

37 600
Vintage jugVintage jug

Ref nr. 88_1396

58 000
Vintage pate bowlVintage pate bowl

Ref nr. 02_0979

Antique jugAntique jug

Ref nr. 02_2215

59 000
antique egg cookerAntique egg cooker

Ref nr. 88_1168

antique sugar bowlAntique sugar bowl

Ref nr. 88_1160

Antique liquor setAntique liquor set

Ref nr. 88_1150

27 000
Antique trayAntique tray

Ref nr. 02_0993

14 500
Vintage shakerVintage shaker

Ref nr. 02_1005

17 500
Antique pair of jugsAntique pair of jugs

Ref nr. 02_0930

296 000
Antique sculpture-box "Peacock"Antique sculpture-box "Peacock"

Ref nr. 02_0948

431 900
Antique champagne bucketAntique champagne bucket

Ref nr. 02_0903

antique decanterAntique decanter

Ref nr. 02_0824

45 000
Antique pair of candelabra "Moors"Antique pair of candelabra "Moors"

Ref nr. 02_1084

749 000
Antique chandelierAntique chandelier

Ref nr. 01_3247

248 600
Супрематическая cкульптура Хамдамова «Буревестник»Супрематическая cкульптура Хамдамова «Буревестник»

Ref nr. 02_0641

178 000
Antique art nouveau liquor setAntique art nouveau liquor set

Ref nr. 52_8177

Antique art deco vasesAntique art deco vases

Ref nr. 52_8234


Dear guests, Welcome to our antique gallery! We gathered for you a special collection of antique rare marble fireplaces or fine curved elegant old wooden firemantels. If due to some reason no one of them suits you just click "add to info request list" and choose something from our catalog. In our staff there are skillful specialists who can calculate chimney dimensions, furnace, install the mantel and garantee you good engeneering assistance. All the antique fireplaces we sell are unique ones and were created in the epoch when the artists put their heart into everything they did creating real masterpieces of marble and wood. Rich quantity of marble textures, their authenticity and saturation are an integral part of every fireplace. The virtuosity of the carving enlivens the mantels and the interior that they embellish too. Antique fireplaces are time prooved. The prices of the old firemantels are comparable with modern ones. Please contact us: info@bersoantik.ru or call +7 (916) 696 43 28 Our address is Nizhnaya Syromyatnicheskaya ulitsa 10, nr 2 (ARTPLAY Design Centre), Moscow, Russia